Sensory Perceptions and Ghosts

If you’ve experienced a ghost, we’re curious about your experience. Just how did you perceive it?

Did you see an apparition? Hear a sound with no explanation? Smell something mysterious? (We’re not talking about unintended consequences of an ill-advised chilli cheese dog.)  Taste something phantasmal? (We always hope for ghostly chocolate! Calorie free and all you can eat!) Feel the spine-tingling touch of a spirit? Tell us all about it.

We want to hear from you!


~ by mkeghosts on April 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “Sensory Perceptions and Ghosts”

  1. I believe most people experience paranormal due to special causes. High emf’s exposure to toxins, a chemical imbalance due to diet or lack of sleep, alcohol or drugs, both prescribed and street drugs. So the real question is does paranormal really exist or is it created in the mind.

  2. As I said before,
    I was born & rised in the paranormal. Lived with ghost. They now have to go out of their way to get me to pay any att: to them. But there where times when I wished I was not so untouch with the other world. Times I thought I would die. But found most sprits are good and offer little to no need for fear.
    But I feel there are too many ghost groups that think they know what they are doing. But realy dont. And if running across some the the sprits I have would not know how to handel them. Matter of time.
    I wish the all well.

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