Is it ever a good idea to admit your business is haunted?

Do you like sleeping in haunted hotels, dining with the dead, or shopping with shades? Or do you think it’s a bad idea? We’re curious because some Milwaukee business owners actually hide their hauntings.

Even staff at the Pfister Hotel have been reluctant to talk about their haunting, though locals know that cat escaped the bag long ago. All denials were cast aside in 2001 when L.A. Dodger Adrian Beltre told Sports Illustrated about his paranormal experiences while a guest. Carlos Gomez of the Minnesota Twins revealed another ghost story in 2008. However, even with all this press, the Pfister is yet to acknowledge their haunting on their website.

Last summer, when we began offering our haunted history tours of the Third Ward, one business owner requested that we remove his building from tour. Although we are under no legal obligation to do so, we obliged to protect the jobs of witnesses to the haunting.

It’s our opinion that hauntings are good for business and we routinely cite these articles as evidence:

How real hauntings can be good for business – AOL Small Business

Haunted Holdings: Don’t be afraid – ghosts and ‘things that go bump in the night’ can add value to real estate – Austin Business Journal

Are ‘things that go bump in the night’ good for business? – New Mexico Business Journal

However, we could be wrong. So we’ll leave it to you to answer the question of the exasperated Third Ward building owner who asked, “Is it ever a good idea to admit your business is haunted?”

We want to hear from you!


~ by mkeghosts on April 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Is it ever a good idea to admit your business is haunted?”

  1. I’m curious — do you think this is a GENUINE picture of GHOSTS?

  2. A long time ago perhasps not. But now day’s depending what what your businesses is and what type of haunting you have it good.
    I am born and rised in the field and seen it all. Years ago it was not so good. But because of TV shows like paranormal state and others i and people being more open minded than ever I believe it t be a good thing.

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