Big-footed Boo Terrorizes Milwaukee Household: Police Fail to Capture Perp

Do Ghosts Leave Footprints? This is the provocative question asked by the United Press in an article from 12-1-1924 concerning the Milwaukee household of Mrs. Minnie Plantz. Without warning, her home was plagued by nightly spook attack for several days in 1924. The story was picked up by the Waukesha Daily Freeman, the Oshkosh Daily Northwestern, and the Sheboygan Press Telegram. Strangely, neither The Milwaukee Journal nor Sentinel covered the story.

Mrs. Plantz’s son-in-law was grabbed by invisible hands on one occasion and several witnesses including Milwaukee police officers experienced weird lights and mysterious rappings. Officers were at the scene, but were unable to catch the perpetrator of the nightly harassment even as the strange events repeated themselves. The specter did leave some rather surprising evidence — a size “11EE” footprint in the snow. According to the article, the police were uncertain whether the nocturnal visitor was “a ghost”, “playful boy”, or our favorite option “a moron”.

The follow-up story in the Sheboygan Press Telegram on December 4th, revealed that police had enlisted a fingerprint expert to aid in the search. Police officers also launched a door-to-door Cinderellean search for a big-footed neighbor to match the gigantic footprint, which proved fruitless … or, er, foot-less. Disappointingly, we have found no additional articles about this tantalizing tidbit from Milwaukee history. As too often happens while searching for some good yarns in the annals of history, the trail has gone cold.

We plan to visit our favorite haunt, the Milwaukee’s Central Library, to search the 1924 city guide to confirm that Mrs. Minnie Plantz actually existed and to find her address. We will also contact the Milwaukee Police Historical Society to see if they have any information about the end result in this case. Of course, we always welcome your help. If you have any information or suggestions, please give Allison Jornlin a call at 414-807-7862.

UPDATE: Mrs. Minnie Plantz did exist!

One final note: The Milwaukee Journal covered a similar story from Rock Island, IL in 1935. This article from the July 14th edition describes ghostly hijinx perpetrated by another big-footed boo.


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  1. I have more information on this if you are interested…. email me.

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