Mrs. Minnie Plantz Did Exist!

Mrs. Minnie Plantz, the Milwaukee homeowner who reported nightly paranormal harassment to police in 1924, according to several newspaper articles covered in our last blog entry, did in fact exist. Her name and partial address appear in the 1924 Milwaukee city directory. She was the widow of William Plantz and lived on State Street with her two daughters Clara and Helen.

The house’s address is listed as State Street on the northwest corner of 49th Street. Unfortunately, because the area wasn’t very developed at the time, no definitive house number appears in the city directories or fire insurance maps of the area. Due to that missing information, we don’t know whether the former structure still exists. We also don’t know what the address would be today. Many street addresses in Milwaukee changed by 1930. Additional sources will need to be consulted to ascertain this information. We will keep you updated on any future developments in this case.

As always, we appreciate your input. If anyone has information or suggestions to share, please give Allison Jornlin a call at 414-807-7862.


~ by mkeghosts on March 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “Mrs. Minnie Plantz Did Exist!”

  1. FHL US/CAN Fiche

    Microfilm of the map of Milwaukee 1920 census you will also need the census listing to find the exact house number which will be on another roll of microfilm you can order from the Mormon family history center. The map may have different street names and numbers but you can overlay it with a present day plat map from the courthouse. The Mormons are very helpful with this type of research.

  2. Yes, she did exist, and she is my great great grandmother

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