Haunted House on Scott Street: If You Lived There Now, Would You Want to Know?

Haunted House on Scott Street article

You’ll notice right away that I have blacked out some of the information in the article above. I do apologize for the omissions. However, I am concerned about the privacy of the residents who live at the current address. If you would like to read the unedited article, you can find it yourself in the Milwaukee Sentinel edition from August 15th, 1892.

I converted the old address in the article to the current one using the city directory address converter available at the Central Library in Milwaukee. Then I brought up the current address on Google Maps. This led to the discovery that there is still a house located there. Question is: Now that I have that knowledge, what should I do with it?

I immediately jumped up to mail a copy of the article to the current residents with a letter inquiring about more recent paranormal activity. Then I stopped to think. The article above recounts the story of a suicide and subsequent haunting of the property. Consider it. If it was you lived there, would you want to know?

I know I would, but that’s me. General concensus states that I’m a little different than most. I don’t want to ruin anyone’s day by being the bearer or bad news. So I need your help. What should I do? The incidents in the article occurred over 100 years ago. Plus the current house does not resemble the one in the illustration, so it is most likely not the same one. That makes the grisly history of the land less freaky, right? To send or not to send? Would you want to know? Please comment below and let me know what you think.


~ by mkeghosts on March 28, 2010.

7 Responses to “Haunted House on Scott Street: If You Lived There Now, Would You Want to Know?”

  1. That’s a tough one. I personally would love to know, but I’m in the same paranormal boat with you. Maybe you could write them first and say you have some historic info about their property and don’t want to bother them unless they’re interested. Kind of put it out there and leave it up to them.

  2. I would give them a call and ask them about it. Make sure you let them know you’re not looking for money or anything and you’re just genuinely interested. Don’t say anything or leave a message indicating that you’re involved in paranormal research because the kids might hear it before the parents have a chance to explain it to them.

    But definitely follow up, that’s what this research is for!

  3. Since I know that you’ve done the research class at the library, I would take your research on the house one step further. Check the permits on file at the city for that address, as well as the Sanborn maps to fully confirm or disprove that its the same physical house. If its not the same house, then I personally would feel a bit more comfortable approaching them with the story–it probably won’t potentially freak them out as much if its the land versus the actual house.

  4. I’d ask if they have had anything odd happening and then ask to do a paranormal sweep, so to speak through the house.

  5. Check the City of Milwaukee site and run the address to see when the house was built. http://itmdapps.ci.mil.wi.us/MyMHome/SearchDB2_prod.jsp

    I agree with those above in contacting the current owner and occupants to interview. See how far they are willing to go and how much they feel comfortable with publicizing. Great find!

  6. I live in an old house and would hate to get a call like that! I am disabled & live alone. I used to enjoy scary movies but rarely even watch them anymore, certainly not alone or at night. I am interested but please don’t tell the people living there.

  7. I would first maybe send letter.bout hauntings in area n see.if they respond. If they don’t then maybe all is ok, or they don’t wanna share. If they do n say yes things r happening take it from there. I guess:just type quick letter like area.research on neighborhood paranormal or u no something like that n say just fling for fun or however u wanna n leave contact info. Can spooky people n freak them out if not handled I a easy way Like that especially if notjings happening ya no. I’m not saying to lir exactly but beat around bush aluttle only to not freak them out n make them feel comfy to talk if is going on. Hope what I wrote makes sense. Sorry if doesn’t. Thanks ya n hope helps been long time since posted so u maybe all done either way.

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