Fancy a Funny One? The Brady Street Ghost That Wasn’t.

Storefront Ghost

In our on-going search for Brady Street haunts, we’ve found the above story in the December 1st, 1898 edition of the Milwaukee Journal. The incidents took place on North Humboldt Avenue (formerly Racine Street) between East Brady Street and East Kewaunee Street. A ghostly figure haunting a storefront formerly occupied by an undertaker spooked residents and caused an uproar. Police were called to the scene and made a surprising discovery.

On a serious note, witnesses have begun to come forward with claims of paranormal experiences had at the nearby Tamarack Waldorf School. We will be reporting on this as soon as we can. Any further information about this haunting or any others on or near Brady Street could help make a haunted history tour there in 2010 a reality. If you have a tip for us about Brady Street history or folklore, please send it our way ASAP. We are psyched for a Brady Street tour! Please call Allison Jornlin at 414-807-7862 with your leads or email with your contact information.


~ by mkeghosts on May 16, 2010.

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