Locating Old Newspaper Articles

Many have contacted me interested in writing blog entries. I am so psyched! However, most of these enthusiastic bloggers-to-be don’t know where to start. Here’s all you need to do to find some amazing historic stories suitable for blogging.

First check out this list of free newspaper databases that you can access from home. Then visit these links and try a variety of search terms. You’ll find some surprising local ghost stories. All you need is a little creativity and a lot of patience to uncover some real gems.

This is an easy, fun way to learn about Milwaukee and its legends without leaving your arm chair, although you’ll feel like you must have gone back in time. For when you finally do walk out your door, you’ll find your city has changed in some strange ways. Or perhaps, you’ve just changed the way you look at it. Now once you’ve found a captivating story, give me a call at 414-807-7862, and I’ll help you with the rest. I’m so excited to hear about what you find!


  • Advanced GOOGLE News Archive Search
  • Library of Congress Historic American Newspapers
  • Wisconsin Local History & Biography Articles

    Happy Hauntings,


    ~ by mkeghosts on May 23, 2010.

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