You’re Dead, and You’re Beautiful: Incredible Photos of Local Haunts

Forest Home Cemetery

Seems these days you can’t throw a stone without hitting somebody who has an orb photo to show you. Or maybe that’s just me. But the point is, not many shutterbugs really bring out the true spirit of haunted places by applying some photographic skill. However, don’t despair! There are a few, and the forgotten beauty they’ve captured in cemeteries, abandoned buildings, and purported ghostly abodes is truly haunting.

One local notable husband-and-wife photography team emerged via a tip from our Steven’s Point correspondent Rusty Woehrle. (Thanks Rusty!) Schjoth Photography is based in Wausau, Wisconsin. However, Corey and Anna Schjoth have photographed some Milwaukee haunts including the Brumder Mansion, Forest Home Cemetery, and Lake Park for Phantasmagoria, their blog.

Corey is the primary force behind the artistic infrared photography of haunted locales. Corey’s creative vision combined with Anna’s editing skills make their darkly whimsical blog surprising and entertaining reading. Check it out and enjoy. I think you’ll agree many of Corey’s images are reminiscent of the famed supernatural photographer Simon Marsden’s work and would be suitable for a coffee table book.

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    ~ by mkeghosts on June 7, 2010.

  • One Response to “You’re Dead, and You’re Beautiful: Incredible Photos of Local Haunts”

    1. Sad thing about this so-called orbs is that if they are actual evidence of ghosts/afterlife they are virtually indistinguishable between dust particles/cigarette smoke/lens flares and the real deal. I have like 1000 photos to prove it LOL.

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