Joey Lawrence Reports Haunting Experiences at Pfister

Joey Lawrence on Celebrity Ghost Stories

In a recent episode of Biography’s Celebrity Ghost Stories, Joey Lawrence reported a harrowing, paranormal experience he shared with his wife and child at a hotel in Milwaukee while he was on tour with Dancing with the Stars. Although the name of the hotel goes unmentioned in the episode, certain visual cues and a program listing on Biography’s website reveals the hotel to be the Pfister.

Hotel revealed as the Pfister in this program listing.

Lawrence reported that he and his wife were awakened repeatedly by lights and sound effects from several of their baby’s toys, which inexplicably switched on in the middle of the night. Later on, Lawrence was awakened by the glare from the bathroom light, which also flipped on mysteriously. When he got up to turn it off, he saw the baby’s toys switch on again as if triggered by a ghostly hand. These events led to a sleepless night for Lawrence, who remained awake to watch over his wife and child.

When morning finally came, Lawrence packed up his family and quickly ushered them out of the room. As he prepared to leave, Lawrence made a snide remark directed at the ghost and witnessed the metal air-conditioner covers fly off in response. He fled and sought an explanation from the hotel’s desk manager.

According to Lawrence, the desk manager blamed the disturbance on the ghost of pregnant bride, murdered on her wedding night. The specter supposedly haunts families with children who stay at the hotel because she envies the family life she never had. “The guy who built the hotel forced his son into an arranged marriage” and the reluctant groom killed his bride by hurling her down an elevator shaft, said Lawrence.

I love ghost stories more than most; however, history does not support this fanciful tale. Lawrence’s paranormal experience may be genuine, but if the hotel where it occurred is indeed the Pfister, the explanation for it is not.

The Pfister Hotel was first envisioned by Guido Pfister, but he died in 1889 before its completion. His son Charles Pfister took over the project and opened the hotel in 1893. Charles Pfister never married or had any children. Although many deaths have occurred at the Pfister Hotel, as in any historic building, no bride was ever murdered there. Although articles about brides who died on their wedding nights abound in historical newspapers across the U.S., I have yet to find one that occurred in Milwaukee. The story of a forced marriage which ended in murder at the Pfister Hotel is complete bunk.

The moral of the story? Enjoy reports of paranormal activity, but forgo your own conclusions until you have credible research to back them up.


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4 Responses to “Joey Lawrence Reports Haunting Experiences at Pfister”

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  2. Thank you for clearing this up for me, but I have to wonder if Bio Channel merely thought the hotel was the Pfister, if Joey or the manager recalled the story wrong or if there is just an alternate hotel that matches this account. How many haunted hotels could be in the Milwaukee area? Has anyone followed this account up at the hotel?

  3. I just stayed there at the Pfister this past weekend and I have video of doors opening in a hallway on the 3rd floor hallway by themselves. This happened while I had a witness as well and was completely taken by surprise while joking on video about there being ghosts in the hotel. She was freaked out pretty bad. I just thought it was neat, yet creepy.

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