Lombardi’s Ghost?

Ghost Appears: Lombardi Mystery Solved

In anticipation of the big game, one wonders if there are any Green Bay Packers’ ghost stories. Although there have been rumors, vague claims the ghost of legendary coach Vince Lombardi lingers over Lambeau, there not much tangible documentation to be found except the following story from the February 1st, 1997 edition of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

But don’t get your hopes up; it’s a ghost story that wasn’t. A peculiar photo appeared in the January 28th, 1997 issue depicting the Packer’s triumphant homecoming. According to the February 1st article, in the photo many fans spotted what they thought was the apparition of Lombardi “come down from his heavenly perch to witness the return of the Super Bowl championship to Green Bay.”

Unfortunately, it was not the specter of the fabled Packer legend, but only a semi-retired data processor clothed in Lombardi-esque garb, the characteristic camel hair coat and fur hat. Or so they say.

The enigmatic photo itself is nowhere to be found. The issue in which it appeared is noticeably absent from online archives. A conspiracy to hide the truth? Well, probably not. However, I do prefer to think that Lombardi is watching over us and will spirit us, and his chosen team, to victory once again. For more on Vince Lombardi’s ghost, read p. 237 in Weird Wisconsin by Linda S. Godfrey, Mark Moran, Richard D. Hendricks, Mark Sceurman.


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  1. http://www3.jsonline.com/packer/arc/13097/vince128.html

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