Ghost Tours Invade Milwaukee!

When launched our city’s first ghost tour in the summer of 2008, it was a pretty lonely business. Although Milwaukeeans came in droves to take our tour, no one else seemed to recognize the extraordinary demand for haunted history.

Our inspiration was Richard T. Crowe, who saw the writing on the wall almost 40 years ago. If you love ghost stories, you should definitely remember his name. Known as Chicago’s ghost hunter, Richard was arguably the father of the haunted history tour. He began offering them way back in 1973. Richard walked on this year, succumbing to pancreatic cancer in June. He left a legacy that spans the United States. Ghost tours haunt nearly every large city and we have Richard to thank for that.

In our own community, ghost tours are alive and well. This October promises to be the most exciting yet for paranormal enthusiasts. A bumper crop of local tours await the intrepid ghost hunter! We can’t get enough of that weird stuff and dream of a social calendar brimming with ghostly tales. If you too are a total ghost geek, check out these new tours invading a community near you. With so many opportunities to celebrate local folklore, Milwaukee is well on its way to recognizing the value of our haunted history.

  • Milwaukee’s Cathedral Square Ghost Walk
  • Shaker’s Cigar Bar Haunted Tour
  • Ghost Tours of Cedarburg
  • Downtown West Bend Ghost Walk
  • Port Washington Ghost Walk

    ~ by mkeghosts on October 1, 2012.

  • One Response to “Ghost Tours Invade Milwaukee!”

    1. I finally get to go to the ghost tour of Shakers this Saturday! Very excited.

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