Top 5 Milwaukee Haunts

Ripped from the files of, here are our 5 favorite, allegedly haunted landmarks!

    Broadway_Theatre_Center-cropped# 5 – Skylight Music Theatre – In the Cabot Theater, located within the Broadway Theater Center, the human remains of founder Clair Richardson reside underneath the stage. It was Clair’s final wish to be buried there. He wanted to remind his successors that any questionable decisions they make are over his dead body. A spotlight that shines on Clair’s urn is never supposed to be allowed to go out. On several occasions when the bulb has burned out, live performances have been disrupted by technical problems with the stage lights. The stage crew checks that Clair’s light still burns before the show can go on for each and every performance at the Skylight Music Theatre.

    Miller Inn and Caves# 4 – Miller Inn & Caves – The ghosts of two 19th century lovers haunt the famous Miller Caves, according to a Milwaukee Sentinel article from April 17th, 1955. Employees told of secret meetings between a young brewery worker and his sweetheart at the mouth of the caves. Then one fateful Saturday night, without warning, the young man missed their regular rendezvous. After waiting in vain for hours, the young lady learned of her lover’s serious accident. He had fallen on a stairway in one of the caves and hit his head. She rushed to his beside. He died soon after, never regaining consciousness. When the young woman died some weeks later, brewery workers were convinced it was due to broken heart. Legend has it that on some nights the young woman returns to the cave entrance to wait for her lover. Today security staff report eerie footsteps that follow them around, strange voices that call out or whisper in their ears, and ghostly intruders that disappear when pursued. See full story:

    Dr. Stephan Borhegyi# 3 – Milwaukee Public Museum – According to staff, the ghost of former museum director Dr. Stephan Borhegyi has haunted the building for the last 44 years. Dr. Borhegyi was quite an individual. He was a baron from Hungary who enjoyed archaeology, fencing, and wearing a cape instead of a winter coat. Although he was killed in a car accident on his way to work in 1969, some believe he just keeps clocking in. He is a prankster who has spooked curators, contractors, and security guards alike. Dr. Borhegyi has been known to pass through unsuspecting staff on the third floor like a cold wind, leaving his victims chilled to the bone. He also sets off motion-activated alarms, calls the elevator to the third and fourth floors, and lurks the halls of the mezzanine in a dark cape.

    Charles Pfister Portrait# 2 – Pfister Hotel – Charles Pfister, who died in 1927, has been rumored to haunt the Pfister Hotel for decades. He’s been seen all over the building overlooking his grand hotel and ensuring hospitality for all guests . . . except, maybe, baseball players. Since the first mention in Sports Illustrated in 2001, Major League baseball players have been reporting harrowing experiences. Players report problems with the room lights and televisions and are sometimes locked out of their own bathrooms. They report that sometimes things in the room are not where they left them the night before. One Texas Rangers player may have even seen an apparition that scared him so badly he needed to see the team chaplain. More stories can be found in the book of baseball ghost stories called Field of Screams. The first chapter in the book is devoted to Pfister ghost stories. See full story:

    sm hilton garden inn cropped# 1 – Hilton Garden Inn – This hotel, which opened last year in the historic 1886 Loyalty Building, has a stunning interior complete with a huge skylight and majestic central staircase. So ghost or no ghost, go see it! The Hilton Garden Inn is built on the site of a famous 19th Century hotel called the Newhall House, which burned to the ground in 1883, taking almost 100 souls with it. The fire made national news at the time and there are Newhall House memorials in both Forest Home and Calvary cemeteries. In the Loyalty Building, waitresses at a former restaurant housed there, often reported being bothered by streaks of white light in their peripheral vision, especially when they were carrying heavy trays of food and drink. Now hotel staff report ghostly experiences in Rooms 201 and 326. Two employees witnessed the bathroom door in 201 open and close by itself. Maids report the feeling of being watched and occasionally experience their hair being pulled. Others report ghostly voices and temperature drops in the room.

For more information about these and other Milwaukee ghost stories, please see the haunted map on Visit to submit your stories for possible inclusion in the upcoming paranormal travel guide, Haunted Milwaukee: 101 Public Haunts You Can Visit. Follow the progress of the book, browse research articles, and listen to witness interviews about local haunts.


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  1. Spooky stuff! Thanks for this brilliant list!

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